Girls, hey y’all!!! Hope your week has been amazing and you are holding yourselves to enjoy this weekend to the fullest.

A few weeks ago I went to Richmond VA to work and my fabulous friend introduced me to this amazing nail salon, so chic you will die.

Today I want to share my most recent discovery yes, you are gonna die (believe me). This post is for the nail polish fans, and for the ones that like to treat their self with a fun, sexy, cool, different and unique nail color.

Holy Chic + Co. nail salon has this amazing vibe making you feel more than welcome once you step in. I had the opportunity to meet the owner and talked to her while she was doing her art on my nails (go to my IG and fall in love with what she did to my nails). This powerful women aside from building her eco-luxe salon, also jumped into making one of her dreams come true which was creating BARE, a non-toxic beauty product.

She got me with the way she describe her product so I asked to make a small collab with her so you can know the product and have the opportunity to try it and fall in love with it like I did -> (SHOP HERE)

BARE products are not just a eco-chic and vegan-friendly brand, it is what I call, a type of women that not just wanna look and feel amazing, but also that want to make a statement being a badass women. It’s a shame that I didn’t have the time to make more cool photos (you know, with a model involved), but I promise next time I will back, Reece and I will create magic with the entire line and maybe more new products to come. Enjoy it my beautiful ladies!

“BARE stands for bare ingredients, bare designs, bare confidence, bare bullshit”

Reece Gutierrez
Bare boast a 17-shade range of nail lacquers that are 10-
free, vegan, and cruelty-free, and made with the professional in

“BARE is for
anyone that wants to be their authentic self, without apology. It’s
bare simplicity – our polish alone has essential colors and cheeky
names that are inspired by the vintage glam of the past and today’s
pop culture.”

Reece Gutierrez
Handcrafted in small batches, the line
includes cuticle oils and scent perfumes that use ingredients to
naturally nourish both the nail bed and the body.

Fotografía / Photography Danny Hernández