It’s been a while since I last posted some fashion illustrations, but the truth is that I couldn’t find an artist that blew my mind with his or her art. 
I stumbled upon Meagan Morrison randomly and I immediately fell in love with her work! It’s keeps being so refreshing to get inspiration from people that understand their passion and the ones who follow their heart to fulfill their dreams.

I read something that Meagan wrote on her blog and I reflect myself when she said that in the beginning she felt that her work was not good enough. It’s funny but somehow I think that every artist had this moment (when they start the art journey), they are afraid to be compared with others work… It happened to me as well!
In that journey, some find love, others find inspirations and some find passion… but in the end it is a matter of time to find themselves as an artist. 
Meagan found the support she needs and knows she is creating such amazing drawings; her illustrations are so colorful and powerful at the same time and I want it to show them, so that you get some inspirations as I did.
You can see more of her work at Meagan Morrison and buy some of her illustrations for your personal collection or just follow her blog Travel Write Draw to follow her personal journal.
With love, Danny