New York gave me an experience that I will never forget. This city is magical, the streets are a constant picture scene. It was my first time here and I love it!
The street fashion is fantastic, I was kind of happily surprised about the way people dress, everybody has such a nice style… of course it helps a lot that the stores are so in vogue that you can’t mess up jeje.
A lot of persons told me that New Yorkers are kind of lonely and struggle with making friends. I had so much luck because everywhere I went, people used to treat me really well, and I think they are really nice!

It is a shame that I did not have more time get to know the city, but I enjoyed every second that I had to absorb NY’s charm.
I come from one of the world’s biggest cities, so I felt comfortable in the buzz of NY… I loved to see people rushing to work, the crowded subway, eating on street corners and the endless cueing up to get what you need… It’s so interesting to see the culture mix and how it combines together.

The sky buildings are unique, I remembered to been walking and realized how small we are… the architecture is magnificent! My eyes become a camera and I just grab every scene that happens in front of me.
Time Square is so shiny, it’s like in the movies, so Broadway style! Theaters, shops, bars, restaurants and big advertisements everywhere… make it an incredible place! I had the opportunity to stay really near from it, so I enjoyed to make a little shopping down there too… 
So many things to tell about NY… I could write a book about it! jajaja… All I can say that it is exactly how I imagined it, an amazing City!
I hope that I will have the opportunity to come back and see more of the Big Apple. I know that in this city I will find so many new places to photograph.