Andrea DonnellyWhat I really love about today’s feature artist is the way she expreses art through the textiles she works with. The first time I saw her work, I found a sense of harmony and tranquility in her art that sparked interest in me to get to know more about her and her inspirations

You know how people say life always steers you in the right direction? Well, after two years of Vet School and  very close to graduating from Psychology, Andrea Donnelly found herself…, her true self in art school. She started to built up her dream life learning this opposite side of expression with painting, photography and later on textiles.

After graduating Art School, Andrea finally found herself doing what she made her happy. Three years later she finally settled down in the Manchester neighborhood in Richmond VA, where she has an amazing workspace to create unique and amazing handwoven pieces of art and luxury scarfs using different color techniques and textiles that will truly take your breath away. 

Fully tuned and connected to her work, Andrea creates pieces that translate to a sentimental state rather than a physical one. The hard work she puts into every piece, expresses her passion in combining techniques of weaving and painting to create fantastic handwoven artwork meant for wall and space.

I must admit that I was amazed by the way she creates these huge fabrics. It looks like if they where big drawings. But what they really are, is fabrics with silhouettes or patterns made by lines from different textiles expressing contemporary design in a very traditional way. 

Even though she is more focused on her woven art installation, she also enjoys creating and designing  beautiful wearable objects that explore a different way of expression for her customers. Andrea loves to experiment and create color combinations and patterns that become an accessory that definitely stands out from the crowd.

I’ve always thought artists have a gift to express their feelings through their work, fearless of judgement, and this artist is not the exception. I feel truly blessed being able to share their passion through my pictures, through my passion.

Andrea Donnelly

Andrea Donnelly“Cloth, in its seemingly infinite varieties of texture, weight, appearance, and significance, is deeply linked to our histories and emotions through the corporeal body. A simple touch can trigger vivid memories and powerful associations; some unique to a single life, some shared across an entire culture. I make cloth that pulls at these connections, investigating relationships between our physical bodies and mental spaces through the act of weaving cloth by hand.” Andrea Donnelly

Andrea Donnelly Andrea Donnelly

Andrea DonnellyAndrea DonnellySome of her work…


Installation of the “The Veiling Series” / 2012 / All works exhibited in Two Artist One Space (Green Hill Center, Greensboro, NC), Out of Tradition (Flanders Gallery, Raleigh, NC), and Where We Meet, True Luck Gallery at the Visual Arts Center, Richmond VA


Peer installation / 2012 / Exhibited in Ambiguity and Interface (Taubman Museum, Roanoke, VA) and Where We Meet (True Luck Gallery at the Visual Arts Center, Richmond, VA)