One thing I love about my job is that there is always a first time… During my stay in Switzerland I had the chance to meet Virginia Gomez (better known as DJ Tap Tap) to take the pictures of the album cover art of her single Overfly. The job combined two of my greatest passions (besides my boyfriend jiji) music and fashion. You probably imagine… It was really fun!

She is one of the most influential DJs in Zurich, and I have to admit I love her style which is super fashion and her sets are guarantee to rock the party. I wanted the cover to reflect her personality: The outcome are these Military Style inspired shots that show her in a strong and confident way, just as her lyrics say: Fly, Spin and Win the crowd!!

BTW: Thomas Sanders is the mysterious producer behind the twisty sounds of Tap Tap and last month she released her song on iTunes. So go and check out the single and party to it! This girl is the bomb and she will explode on this song 🙂