There are a lot of talented, creative people in this world and it’s always a pleasure when you get the opportunity to meet them to absorb and enjoy their work. Recently I had the privilege to interview Interior Designer Samantha Heyl. Full of new fresh and hip ideas, she is without a doubt a one of kind artist.
Born in Richmond VA and in love with her city, Sam grew up developing a strong connection towards nature, and later in life towards art. Both with she combines to design the most amazing objects, adornments and jewelry. 
Could you ever imagine someone so talented like Sam working for some company and not being able to explode all that potencial? I really cannot! Sam is the funder and owner of an interior designing business, called “Native Nest” where she has combined her passion of traveling to find inspiration, learning new techniques, nature and art in the most innovate and unique way.
As the very passionate person she is, Sam created a blog where she shares her thoughts and inspirations. She thinks that as an artist, it is important to capture places, thoughts or things that open your mind with new ideas and help you to visualize new perspectives of the way you see things.
This designer was able to combine all her passions creating the perfect nest to keep them all together. Exploring different cultures, nature, colors an perspectives has helped her to created objects and spaces for herself and her clients.
Native Nest jewel collection is made of metals that reflect the artist’s love for nature, especially animal bones. She also likes to add precious stones to her jewels she finds on each of her trips, adding a timeless cultural bound in every piece she designs. 
So stay tuned and follow Sam, because this is just the start! She is about to expand her brand too, don’t miss it!!