There are two things you need to know about Olivia: She is a Fashion Designer and cat lover. The obvious outcome of those two characteristics is the virtual magazine she co-founded, the Meow Mag. This website is a great platform to upcoming artist’s work and very perspectives.

Being the innovative person she is, Meow Mag means a lot to her, because of the interesting collaborations that arise from it and to what they lead: Inspiring other people in their daily work.

Olivia is my teen spirit for me, she represents fresh inspiration in many ways. I think is important to know people that have a different vision and more important, that opens new ways to see and understand what I love the most… fashion!

You must know that Olivia started her career as an intern writing for Nylon Mexico. This was where she learned a lot about the fashion industry and was able to hone her skills as a reporter and writer. Also, she used to collaborate for other magazines such as 192, Código and Pánico.
Her current assignment with Kenzo as a community manager enables her to create a connection between all the fashion industry and the people, based on her know-how of that surrounding.

So, Olivia’s contribution to fashion is not through needle and thread, but to provide a space for all artist and expose the diversity of all the amazing things created throughout that industry, and that everybody can enjoy them!

Keep an eye on her because she will give you something to talk about…