Who says switching careers and ending up doing what you didn’t study is the right thing to do? Who says you need to stick to the first path you chose? Who can tell you what you are really good at? How many people can really find her true passion in life?…

I am speaking loud about how important is to find yourself and lose that fear of messing up. I know that for most people it’s really hard to answer those questions. But at the same time, making these decisions could change their lives and made them more happy, even if they know that the way could be difficult but the prize will be rewarding.

I find myself in a place where I need to get back on track, moving three times in 6 years proved to be more challenging than I though but luckily I know what makes me happy so it will just take time to start doing what I love and that is taking pictures.

I want to share this new chapter on my blog talking about this amazing girl I just met, her name is Haley and she’s definitely a perfect example of what I’m talking about finding these new paths in life with no regrets and a fully open heart.

Being a graphic designer (@junerie.co) and a fashion style blogger (@colourmeclassic) brought her the opportunity to find out that paintings more than a stress release, but an opportunity to see herself doing something more, something that made her happy in a different way.

We could talk about the decisions that took her to see a different perspective on what she was doing and what she perhaps would love to be doing instead. Haley is still discovering what her inspiration truly is, but she is the kind of women that is enjoying the opportunity to see where all this new path will take her.

The first time I saw her work I immediately fell in love with the color palettes she uses and the subtle shapes that she applies on each canvas. It’s like if she wanted to take you to a safe place where you can feel less stressed, more happy and relaxed. Once you had the chance to really know her in person you will understand immediately that her vibe is exactly the same that you see in all her work.

She says that being a designer and to have the opportunity to style herself helped her better understand the composition of colors and shapes and that made everything easier once she started to apply it on the canvas. She also feels like this is the first time that her work leads to more engagement with people and the reactions are more frequent that usual.

At a time she feels that the type of painting she wants to keep evolving is abstract cause somehow she feels more free to express her emotions. She still in the process of getting to know herself as a painter and she has no shame to keep exploring more techniques. She made me feel that this new path she chose could bring obstacles but also new adventures and that’s the exciting thing about it.

It’s refreshing to have the opportunity to meet these kind of people that inspire me to keep doing what I love and specially to not have regrets. If you can have the opportunity to find your passion in life you will be happy no matter what (ups and downs are making our life more interesting, but that’s another story).

If you want to know more about her work you definitely need to check her website. I’m pretty sure you will find the perfect paint for your home, office, or for that special someone ;P

Fotografía / Photography Danny Hernández