Already over one week has passed since I went to Coachella and I already miss it!!

It was so incredible to see such amazing performances from Kid Cudi, Capital Cities, Solange, Pharrell Williams and MUSE.

The weather was crazy and the only bad thing about Day 2 was the sandstorm… but just as good party people we made ourselves confortable sipping on beer almost the entire day jeje.

It’s the second time around that I go to the festival and I’m becoming such a huge fan of it; I think is the best way to start Spring season full of good music and a little of fashion jajajaja. Coachella is getting bigger and bigger so now is quite interesting to see how people make their best effort to look fashionable and cool at the same time… some nailed it some not so much… Here go a bunch of pics covering Day 2  and I leave it to you to find your personal favorite!

Kisses, DANNY