Danny Foto
Yesterday, I wore all recycled pieces, with the exception of this new crop top from Topshop. Also, I rocked a high messy hair bun that helps me not to suffer so much in this humid weather. 
Last week I started working in some Fashion Catalogs from Mexico, editing and retouching the images, so practically I’ve been at home the whole time without going out… That’s why I decide to go for a drink with my hubby and catch some fresh air too.
It’s been raining this week in Richmond, so that’s why I decided to wear my trench coat from H&M. I also wore my pencil skirt and a pair of pumps from ALDO.
I chose this outfit just because I want it to look amazing for my baby… 
It’s important to look sexy for your man girls, don’t forget about that!
Finally is Friday!! Enjoy your weekend 😀
Danny Foto
Danny Foto
Danny Foto
Trench coat: H&M
Necklace: Need Supply Co.
Crop top: Topshop
Pencil Skirt: ZARA
Clutch: ZARA
Pumps: ALDO