Today, let me introduce you to Pablo Parra. Besides of being a graphic designer, Pablo also has an amazing blog, called Fungi Express, where he shows his passion for fashion illustrations. You already know how much I love illustrations, so when I saw Pablo’s work I invited him to collaborate with me on this special post. Hope you like it…!!!

The best time of the year is officially here! And no, this time it is not about the season of giving and spending time with family, what I’m referring to is the Holiday party season! Whether your plan is to be naughty or nice this party season, you want to look good, right? This is why I decided to create four different holiday wardrobes to inspire you what to wear on these occasions.
My rule is to focus on one feature piece and add other simple (basic) elements to your outfit.
Over the years I’ve accrued a number of pieces that usually come out around this time of the year, but it wouldn’t be the party season without adding a few new piece.

Here go the first two outfits, enjoy!

Something sparkly
Que otro día del año podemos usar prendas que nos hagan brillar casi como arbolito de navidad (bueno, tal vez Vegas)? Si usar algo brillante te hace sentir un poco nerviosa, escoge una prenda que tenga reflejos brillantes y combinala con piezas básicas que te harán resaltar sin hacerte sentir como disco ball. Yo en esta ocasión escogí unos pantalones con textura brillante de H&M y los combine con una sudadera de neopreno y unos zapatos de holograma. Puedes agregarle algo divertido, como este gorro de Mickey mouse, para darle el toque fiestero. // What other time of the year can you dress like a christmas ornament (well, maybe Vegas)? If dressing wearing something sparkly makes you feel a little nervous, one options is to pair your shiny item with simple separates and accessories. I picked the textured sparkly pants by H&M and I styled it with a neoprene sweatshirt and hologram heeled sandals. Added something fun to get the “party mood”, like I did with this Mickey mouse hat. 

The faux fur
Este fur the H&M es el claro ejemplo de un statement Holiday piece. Uno de mis looks básicos para fiesta decembrinas es combinar cualquier tipo de abrigo peludo con unos leggings, un suéter oversized y unos botines. La verdad es que no hay como perder con esta combinación. Es perfecta para ese tipo de noches donde decides ir de fiesta a la casa de tus amigos, claro, sin perder el glamour navideño.
This time of year, I love pairing my H&M chunky faux fur with comfy leggings, oversized knit and ankle boots. The bonus with a fur is that it is perfect for those nights you decide to spend at your friends house without loosing your glamour.