I’d been saving this outfit for months, and I was feeling that last night was the perfect occasion to wear it. The hot summer still on here in Richmond so you apparently can’t wear any pants at all. But during the evening I could feel some refreshing wind blowing so I decided to wear this breezy clothes to go for dinner. It might sound crazy, but I’ve been obsessed with this mixing prints; for example this green leopard blouse from Forever 21 can go perfect with this B&W print pants from Topshop. You don’t need to put so much effort in accessories (keep it simple), you can accessory with a simple hat (in other color) to put the special touch and you will be ready. 
You definitely must try it, because this trend still going on and it’s so fun you will love it too!
Hat: Zara
Necklace: Dior
Blouse: Forever 21 
Belt: Mango
Pants: Topshop 
Heeled Sandals: Zara