I am just on top of the world on my last months of my pregnancy. Even though I’m still nervous of what is yet to come, I am feeling so very thankful and lucky. We are finally setup in Atlanta, our trip to Canada was a total success, my mom is here so I’m ready to welcome my little one very soon.

People keep asking me where I find all my maternity clothes. Well ladies, the truth is that you can find amazing clothes almost anywhere, you just need to open your eyes and don’t think that being pregnant means to wear just maternity clothes. For example, I found this dress in Zara on my last trip to Canada and it cost me 15 (Canadian) dollars on sale. It’s pretty simple but loose and comfy enough and you can styled it with high heels, flats and even cool sneakers! It has become one of my favorite dresses so I’m planning to use it until summer ends. Have a great day guapas!! Danny 

Necklace: Mani Maalai
Dress: Zara
Sandals: Zara